December 2016


The adventure starts on 7/12/2016.

We have been busy:

  • Installing, configuring and structuring the intranet, which takes advantage of Mediawiki, the engine that powers Wikipedia
  • Asking Rasheed Ogunlaru for ideas about the vision that will guide our activities
  • Preparing job descriptions to use to find trustees
  • Preparing the Trustees’ Information Kit with information about the role and the charity
  • Building the project management tool by taking advantage of Phabricator
  • Moving our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to our Virtual Private Server
  • Studying the complex financial rules that charities are required to follow
  • Studying about DBS checks
  • Interviewing trustees
  • Having writer and mental health activist Megan Haste write our December’s Hope Post
  • Studying complex privacy policies
  • Finding DBS checks provider

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