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11% of people have a depressive disorder by the age of just 18 and youth suicide is now the leading cause of death in 15-24 year olds.

Depression Teens Help helps depressed teenagers to escape from the pit of their depression and smile again.

Many depressed teenagers don’t have access to counselling or psychotherapy because there are no such services where they live or because they are denied access to these services if they exist.

That’s why Depression Teens Help is special. We help depressed teenagers who may not have access to any other form of help.

We know that we can help them because we have already helped many of them and saved lives.

We want to help many more depressed teenagers by training volunteers to help them.

That’s why we need your help.

Our vision

In our vision you see a lot of depressed teenagers who escape from the pit of their depression and smile again. We build this vision by offering depressed teenagers the emotional support they need so badly. We offer as well our “Escape from your depression with us” programme that takes inspiration from the work of famous psychologists and educators. Depressed teenagers ask us for help via our website. They contact us locally as well as from many countries in the world. We are able to reach depressed teenagers who may have no access to other forms of help.

How do we help depressed teens?

We help depressed teens by:

  • Writing articles about depression in teens (we know that depressed teens find our articles helpful)
  • Corresponding via email with depressed teens
  • Listening to depressed teens and giving them the unconditional support they need so badly
  • Telling them about stories of people who have successfully escaped from their depression
  • Telling teens about how to replace their hurtful way to think about themselves with a healing one
  • Allowing teens to take depression tests and become aware of their problem
  • Supporting depressed teens with our “Escape from your depression with us” programme
  • Producing content for our “Escape from your depression with us” programme
  • Training volunteers who will reply to depressed teens emails and support them via the “Escape from your depression with us” programme
  • Producing videos about depression in teens
  • Learning about depression in teenagers

Great! But what are we doing right now?

Have a look at our News blog!

Visit the page What we do as well for more information about our activities.

Are depressed teenagers happy with our help?

Have a look at our Testimonials!

Where do depressed teens we help live?

Albania, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Hawaii, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, UK, USA.

What are our plans?

We plan to train as many Healing Volunteers as we need to help depressed teenagers who contact us. At the current level of traffic on the website, we will be able to help 200-400 teenagers per year. Later we want to increase the traffic on the website so that we can help many more teenagers.

How are we organised?

Depression Teens Help is supposed to be a charity. Currently we are registered as Social Enterprise to be able to accept donations. The conversion to a charity will happen as soon as we have trustees. See our Who we are page for more information.

In the event that Depression Teens Help C.I.C. should close, donors’ money will go to Mind. Technically, this is called an asset lock.

Depression Teens Help C.I.C. is also a Company Limited by Guarantees, which means that it’s not for profit.

Interested in helping us help depressed teenagers? Send us an email at !