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Here there are some gifts for you.

test-simulazione1-600x473Test your depression

The ebook “Depression test for teenagers” is useful to keep note of the scores when you take a daily depression test online.

You can also use it to do the test offline.

Here there are:

Download the one that applies to you.

ebook3dcover222x270-perfect-size.jpgEscape from teenage depression

Begin your escape from depression by learning about it!

To learn about depression liberates and helps.

From the ebook you can learn about symptoms, causes and remedies to depression. There are common myths about depression as well.

Just click here or on the cover of the ebook on the right to download it.





Hope for depressed teenagers

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There is something new! Megan Haste will write for you.

She experienced depression and escaped from it. She knows, as I know and as you know, how intense is the suffering of depression which most people don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

Megan is brave and stands up for the increasing number of young people in distress to whom society doesn’t offer the attention they need and deserve or whom society even ignores.

She presents herself in this introductory article. Her articles deserve their own space in this website. You find them here.

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  • name removed for privacy

    I have thought of suiside and even tried
    Sometimes it feels like my family doesn’t like me or I’m always alone for me depression was like started at xx and and I am now xx and still going on I tried killing myself because I thought I could get on my own and now I know no one can do it on their own I checked myself a few days ago I check choking myself I used to cut I stop that and a friend kinda helping me i’m hoping this will help me and realize I’m not alone

  • name removed for privacy

    It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, that I’m not the only one who feels like this. But at the same time my life still sucks. Hate myself like always. I’m almost used to it. Ha.
    People tell me to stay strong or whatever but I have. For years. And at this point every day brings five more reasons to die. I promise myself I won’t die unless its natural. But it hurts. It hurts it hurts it hurts.

  • name removed for privacy

    please help me…..Im 15 years old, just found out ive been suffering from depression, and im freaking out, i cant breathe..its suffocating me…

  • I can't

    Hi. I’m in 7th grade and I have been dealing with depression for a long tim e now. My parents never thought I was until they found out I cut my self. But since they are both alcoholics they just said they would take me to therapist but never did. Since they I have cut a few times and almost killed myself with a belt. I took a government test for teenagers and I might have severe depression. I have become so unlike myself. I have huge family problems and personal issues. Obviously. I just want help. I just don’t want to hate getting up. I don’t want to hate the sound of my own parents voices. My parents slurred drunk voices. I stop my self from cutting not because I want to but because I have to. I don’t want to be caught. All my parents do is fight. I have been abused sexually, verbally, and physically. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t just let people hurt me anymore. I have been bullied all my life. I want to somehow trick myself into thinking I’m happy at least.

  • name removed for privacy

    I’m confused I’ve had all these symptoms of depression happen to me and im distant from my parents which isn’t a healthy relationship I need some help but don’t know where to start.

  • name removed for privacy

    Umm. Hi? I’m turning fifteen years old, and I’ve been like this for months. It’s hard. I feel so empty, I have to keep my feelings bottled up inside. I’m afraid of people starring, like I’m afraid to walk through hallways I shake, my heart rate goes up. I want to feel alive, like cold water, it’s icy-cold but comforting, I shocking sensation. Am I afraid of dying? No. I’m afraid of living! I’m lonely. I want so many things, I want happiness. I want to feel beautiful and great about my self, I don’t want to be afraid anymore. It’s so hard, life is hard. But it’s fair for everyone, because it’s unfair to everyone.

  • name removed for privacy

    I have a depressed nephew that just told us last week, in a letter he wrote. I don’t know what to say or do to help.
    Please help me.

  • name removed for privacy

    I feel empty , worthless, tired of crying every day , and the worst part is that i don’t know why .
    I’m scared that people are going to see me , the way i see mysefl

  • name removed for privacy

    Its crazy im only 15 15! With sever depression i need help i always feel like i cant bring my self to get any help.