May 2017


We have two new fundraisers, Julien and Isabelle. They are trustees as well.

This month we have helped 20 new depressed teenagers.

Since the beginning of the year, we helped 23 new depressed teenagers.

We have been busy:

  • training Healing Volunteers
  • assisting our Healing Volunteers in replying to depressed teens
  • learning about fundraising
  • opening bank account
  • contacting professional fundraisers
  • developing fundraising applications
  • doing technical maintenance of our website, our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and our intranet
  • adding content to Healing Volunteers training
  • having writer and mental health activist Megan Haste write our May Hope Post
  • interviewing potential trustees and fundraisers
  • evaluating purchase of books from DSC, the Directory of Social Change
  • evaluating software application for donations
  • training fundraisers
  • fixing technical problems
  • learning about how to find trustees
  • meeting James Sullivan who helped with developing a trustee recruitment strategy
  • registering the company for corporate tax
  • having a mistake in the registered company address corrected

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