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Depression in teens, let’s be brave

To say that depression in teens has an easy solution sounds quite audacious, but actually, the solution is so easy that it’s been known to mankind for thousands of years.

According to C. G. Jung, a famous psychologist, the solution is even an archetype, meaning that it has been known to all of mankind for thousands of years. We could even say that it’s genetic, if genetics had anything to do with it.

There are many archetypes, and I’m thinking about one in particular. This archetype has been given little importance in our culture, and now it’s becoming even less important. This is the reason it’s so difficult to talk about it. I’ll come back to it later.

Firstly, I want to outline the subjects I’m going to be discussing on this site.

They will be:

  • causes of depression in teens
  • symptoms of depression
  • treatments

I’ll talk about the causes first because I think that by understanding the causes we are able to prepare preventive measures against the problem. Prevention is always better than cure.

What is depression in teenagers?

Depression in teens is a serious problem. It affects everything in a teenager’s life. It can cause problems at home and school, drug abuse, alcoholism, disrespect for one’s safety, disgust for oneself, and, in the worst cases, violence and suicide.

Depression is an intense feeling of fear, which becomes unbearable and absorbs all the energies of a person. The only way out seems to be suicide. For more about the transformation of fear into depression, I recommend to read Beyond Fear by Dorothy Rowe. Depression The Way Out of Your Prison, by the same author, is a very good reading too.

To understand depression in teenagers we have to investigate the origins of all this fear which becomes depression.

Fear can also be transformed into courage, rather than depression. How can you do this? Is it just a matter of saying “Be brave” to the teenager? Unfortunately it’s not so simple.

You can’t learn to play piano just by saying “I play piano perfectly”. You have to practice long hours before achieving even a beginner level.

Causes of depression in teens


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