Who we are


Our vision

In our vision you see a lot of depressed teenagers who escape from the pit of their depression and smile again.

We build this vision by offering depressed teenagers the emotional support they need so badly.

We offer as well our “Escape from your depression with us” programme.

Depressed teenagers ask us for help via our website.

They contact us locally as well as from many countries in the world. We are able to reach depressed teenagers who may have no access to other forms of help


Depression Teens Help C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company or, simply, a Social Enterprise.

It will become a charity when possible.

The company number is 10624502.

The registered address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

Depression Teens Help is also a Company Limited by Guarantees, which means that it’s not for profit.

For any enquiry please write to us at welcome@depressionteenshelp.com

Depression Teens Help is an NCVO Member.

Meet the team!

Emanuele is our founder. He survived depression and education and wants to help depressed teens do the same. You can hear him babbling that he is doing it because it’s hard and not because it’s easy and that Kennedy would have something to do with it. Can you really understand founders?

Emanuele is also a writer. He has written some 50 articles and a book. Like many writers he loves pen names.

For this website he wanted a pen name with alliteration. The first letter had to be D like depression. It had to have a soothing quality as well. That’s how Denny Dew was born.

Some examples of pen names are: George Orwell, Mark Twain, Molière, Pablo Neruda, Lewis Carroll, Hergè.

Alex and Vasileios are our Healing Volunteers.

Julien and Isabelle are our volunteer fundraisers. They are our trustees as well.

Occasionally we get help from many more people. Here they are:

Megan is a mental health activist and writes our Hope Posts.

D’Arcy helps us with surviving red tape. He is a consultant and specialises in charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Rasheed helps with making our vision real. His book Soul Trader is a goldmine of inspiration and his advice is precious.

James is a qualified lawyer. His advice about governance is precious.

Rob helps us recruit volunteers.

Sonia is our video maker.

A bit of history

Where did the idea of starting Depression Teens Help come from?

The founder built the website, http://depressionteenshelp.com/, in 2012.

His original idea was to sell some audio products that help depressed people.

The idea didn’t work because he discovered that, not only depressed teens can’t pay, but also their parents don’t help.

He restarted working as web developer and, at the same time, he created an “Escape from your depression with me” programme.

He helped many depressed teens for free.

There are 600 emails sent to them and everything is registered in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

You can see many testimonials as well on the website.

At a given point he had to stop helping depressed teens because they were too many and he couldn’t cope. He had his work as web developer.

In December 2016 he decided to start Depression Teens Help as an organization that will help many more depressed teens.

It has to be a charity because depressed teens can’t pay and, in many cases, they don’t have access to any other form of help.

The video below tells how Depression Teens Help’s was born.

Download the script the video uses.