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Depression test for teenagers

The depression test below is for you, the teenager, to self-assess your symptoms of depression.

If you, the reader, happen to be the parent of a teenager who might be depressed, I suggest you ask your teen to take the test by themselves.

Please don’t feel cut off. I’m a parent too and I’m interested in the good health of my children as well.

I know also that if you are experiencing a feeling, you are the one who best knows it.

Depressed people need one thing first: they have to begin to trust themselves and their feelings as much as possible. They should trust their feelings unconditionally.

If you get depressed, this is the best moment to begin to practice the art of trusting yourself unconditionally.

We give depressed teenagers trust if we allow them to check their feelings themselves.

It could also be that our teenager doesn’t feel up to talk about their feelings even with their parents. It’s better to respect this need for privacy.

If you are depressed, you could feel negatively judged even if who you are talking with has no intention to judge you.

It’s better to avoid this problem.

How to take this test?

To take this depression test for teenagers you have to observe your feelings and habits for two weeks.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. You can write about your feelings in a notebook and take the test at the end of the two-weeks period
  2. You can take the test every day for two weeks, and note just the score in a notebook

The second option gives you more privacy if you need it.

To make it fun isn’t forbidden. It’s encouraged instead. 😉

If you decide to write about your feelings and habits in a notebook, you have to note:

  • if you had trouble sleeping or if you slept too little or too much
  • if you had problems eating
  • if you felt hopeless, guilty, irritable, agitated, worthless
  • if you cried
  • if are dropping friendships or withdrawing from family
  • if you feel you want to be alone
  • if you feel fatigued or tired or if you have difficulties concentrating or remembering things
  • if you had bad dreams
  • if you used drugs or smoked or drank alcohol
  • if you had difficulties making decisions
  • if you thought about death or suicide

If you happen to think about death or suicide, seek immediate help. I’ve been depressed, I know that you can have this sort of thoughts. They aren’t your thoughts. They are the thoughts of your depression. Depression is a very easy to treat problem.

I know you find it impossible, but I can assure you that you will be fine again. You could even become happier than before.

Don’t worry. Just relax because you need rest above all.

I’m with you, and I’ll wait for you to tell me about your regaining the happy teen within.

How to answer each question

There are three possible answers to each question:

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • No

If you are taking the test every day, just answer yes or no.

If you take the test only once at the end of the two weeks period, you will answer:

  • Yes, if what was asked happened almost everyday
  • Sometimes, if what was asked happened half the times
  • No, if what was asked happened almost never

Depression test for teenagers. Let’s begin.

Depression test for teenagers


Sleeping habits   Has your sleep been troubled?

Sleeping habits   Have you been sleeping too much?

Sleeping habits   Have you been sleeping too little?

Sleeping habits   Have you been falling asleep at school?

Eating habits   Have you been eating too much and nervously?

Eating habits   Have you been denying food not feeling hungry?

Feelings   Have you been feeling hopeless?

Feelings   Have you been feeling like very guilty?

Feelings   Have you been feeling strong remorse for something happened or that you did?

Feelings   Have you been feeling very sad for no reason and incapable of controlling this feeling?

Feelings   Have you been feeling irritable?

Feelings   Have you been agitated for no apparent reason?

Feelings   Have you been crying easily?

Feelings   Have you been feeling worthless, empty or bored?

Relationships   Have you been avoiding contact with your friends or with your family?

Relationships   Have you been feeling like you want to be left alone?

Energy   Have you been feeling fatigued even if you had enough rest?

Energy   Have you had problems concentrating on your studies or when reading?

Energy   Have you not been focused on what was happening around you? Are you often lost in your thinking?

Energy   Have you been feeling sluggish and tired?

Energy   Have you been having difficulties remembering things?

Energy   Have you had nightmares and bad dreams?

Depressive habits   Have you been using drugs?

Depressive habits   Have you been smoking?

Depressive habits   Have you been drinking alcohol?

Thinking   Have you been having difficulties in making decisions?

Thinking   Have you been feeling as you lost any interest in the future?

Thinking   Have you had thoughts of death or suicide?

Thinking   Have you thought about wanting to go to sleep and not wake up?

Self-image   Have you been putting yourself down, or making negative comments about yourself or being excessively critical towards yourself?

Self-image   Do you think no one likes you? Do you think everyone is against you?

Self-image   Do you feel very worried to make mistakes or to look foolish?

Self-image   Do you see yourself as no good?

You completed the test. Click the button below to know the result.


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