How To Help Teens Overcome Behavior Struggles Through Therapeutic Boarding Schools


In this guest post the team at describes treatment programs available for teens in trouble. These programs help teens who have problems of substance abuse, depression and anxiety. With these programs teens regain the self-confidence that their education seriously damaged.

Has you teenaged daughter or son been struggling behaviorally and emotionally? Does it seem as though you’ve tried everything under the sun to help, from school supports to therapists to no avail? Troubled teens can turn a household upside down. Many act out, doing things that cause them harm or bring harm to others. And, if your teen suffers from a learning disability, the issues are compounded.

3 Types of Treatment Programs for Struggling Teens

Teens have a hard time expressing themselves as they grow out of childhood and into adulthood. Therefore, troubled teens act out as a plea for help. Your teen may be hurting inside, without you even knowing. In many cases, a residential program is the best option, as they provide 24-hour therapeutic care.

There are generally three main types of residential programs for teens in trouble. These programs were designed to help teens overcome anxiety, substance abuse, depression, etc… They’re also very knowledgeable about treating struggling teens who also have learning disabilities. Here are those three programs:

1) Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers are designed for those with more complex and possibly severe therapeutic needs. They have a very high rate of clinicians available at all times to help teens in need. These types of programs also include a strong medical staff to monitor any physical issues that may arise due to stress. Patients must participate in both private and group therapy sessions.

2) Therapeutic Wilderness Programs

Therapeutic wilderness programs provide therapeutic and clinical services centered around outdoor settings. These programs were specifically designed to impact troubled teens socially, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Generally, wilderness programs last bout 3-12 weeks. Many participants have been able to overcome their psychological and behavioral problems by focusing on their deeper, underlying issues. After completing the program, most teens enroll in a therapeutic boarding school for aftercare treatment.

3) Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to educate while healing. Students receive quality education, along with intense professional therapy. Students learn to address their underlying issues leading to their destructive behavior. Those with learning disabilities benefit from the expert staff trained to teach these teens. Children enrolled in these facilities live on-campus throughout the school year. This allows them to remain in a controlled environment surrounded by qualified staff members and therapeutic service providers. In time, these teens learn to thrive academically, while achieving emotional growth and psychological development.

Help Your Teen Now

If your teen is in trouble, it’s up to you as a parent to do anything you can to help your child. You also need to take precautionary measures to ensure that you struggling teen doesn’t hurt you or your other children. In many cases, teens with emotional and psychological issues become very destructive. They begin causing harm to siblings, animals and themselves.

Troubled teens are not bad children. Oftentimes, these teens have been through a traumatic experience that they just weren’t mature enough to deal with in a healthy manner. Some of these experiences may include parents’ divorce, bad sexual experience, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, parental abandonment, foster care or adoption issues, etc…

All teens don’t react to trauma in the same manners. Some turn to drugs or alcohol to help numb their pain. There are those who begin getting in trouble with the law as a way of getting adult attention. Violence can also become a major factor in the lives of these adolescents. Some become violent themselves, while others may become accustomed to abuse and seek out violent relationships. Then, there are those who turn their anger inward, causing them to become depressed teens. Either way, your child deserves the care they need to heal inside and become a thriving, healthy adult.

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