Natural Stress Killing Remedies- Live A Stress Free Life!


With this guest post Aimee Sparker contributes many anti-stress remedies that are useful for depressed teenagers too. These latter can take advantage of these remedies to relieve their symptoms. 

The changing routines of life, the financial crunch, the workplace circumstances, the enhanced family budgets are making people suffering from stress at great pace. With every passing day, the number of stress-ridden patients has been increasing who visit expert doctors for the right remedy.

Stress is not just painful itself; it is the major cause of many other health problems like blood pressure, cardiac malfunctioning, nervousness, depression attack. All it means that fighting strongly with stress is critical for enjoying a peaceful and healthy life. Instead of going after heavy doses of medicines, natural remedies are the best alternatives.

Natural Stress Killers

Passion Flower – The Folk Remedy

A natural remedy to cure insomnia and anxiety. This herb is of equal effects as those of benzodiazepine drugs that are the usual recommendations for treating stress. Passion flower actually enhances gamma aminobutyric acid that is found in brain. This component enhances the activity of the brain cells, while promoting relaxed feelings. Passion flower is available in the form of tea, infusion, liquid extract, and also as tincture. This kind of treatment is not recommended at all for the children and for the nursing mothers. Caution is needed in case; the stressed patient is taking some other medicines.

Massage – An Age Old Stress Relieving Therapy

Who doesn’t know the usefulness of massage for a smoother skin? More than skin care remedy, massage is also effective for relieving stress. Chinese use massage therapy to open up the blocked pores and give a way to enhanced energy levels. AT present, massage is used to strengthen the muscles, lower the pain, and correct the circulation. All these things help the boosted brain power.

Meditation – The Affordable Remedy

Meditation for only 15-30 minutes per day is enough to bring mind in a peaceful state. What you need to do meditation is your mind only.

Regular Work Out – The Health Secret

Exercising work the same way as that of meditation. While exercising, a person stays aloof of the world and can focus his very own thoughts. Regular workout also helps in releasing endorphins from the brain that corrects the mood swings, keeps obesity in control and leaves less for a person to stress out.

Well Organized Life – Brings Peace Of Mind

If you are capable of organizing your routine life activities, then you can bring peace in your life. A little disorder can add stress to life and the same is supported by studies. Well organized people can fell at edge even at having a glimpse of the clutter.

Look Good By Eating Good!

Junk food has become part of the routine life despite all the dangers it pose for human health. There are certain foods that are good alternatives of stress relieving drugs and to fulfill the bodily energy needs on daily basis. Instead of junk food, better to go for salmon, blueberries, and almonds, that’s what scientists have explored so far. Also cut down the daily intake of caffeine from your life.

Internet And Cell Phone – The Stress Causing Agents

Internet and cell phones are considered blessing at present and there is not a single doubt in it; however, these are also the reasons of more stress entering the life of people. At least fix some part of the day when you will stay away from internet and cell phone. If you do this before going to bed, then surely it will help in coping with the issue of insomnia.

Add Vitamins To Your Diet

Vitamin B enhances the functioning of human brain as well as strengthens the nervous system. This vitamin also makes a person fighting with the tiredness and promotes relaxation. In case a person is suffering from Vitamin B deficiency, he may experience the symptoms of depression, irritability, and apathy. The natural sources of Vitamin B are grains, liver, nuts, peas, eggs, and dairy products.

Aromatherapy – Raise The Mood

There are certain scents that raise the mood and lowers the symptoms of anxiety, promote concentration, and enhance the focusing ability. These scents help in stimulating the limbic system that as a result releases more chemicals to affect the brain positively. This results in the feelings of relaxation, love, calmness, and excitement. Cypress, lavender, and rosemary are the most popular scents used for aromatherapy.

Correct Sleeping Patterns – Check Your Eating Habits

Bad sleeping routine is the best friend of stress. So, if you want to live a stress-free life, then you will have to follow the right sleeping patterns. Take sound sleep and that should not be less than 6-8 hours per night. Foods like banana, figs, carbs, and peanuts are helpful in promoting sound sleep.

In a nutshell, stress is not incurable or an expensive to treat disease. It’s all in your hands how do you treat stress and how do you bring changes in your routine diet. Add more healthy nutrients in daily consumption and live a life free from stress. Spare some time on daily basis when you live with yourself only.

Author Bio

Aimee Sparker is a Specialized and Qualified Medical and Health Care Content Writer working for Nationwidesi Inc. Our Health Firm deals with Anti aging, Weight loss, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Testosterone Treatment, Low Testosterone, and many more Treatments.