Thank you  for all your help it has really opened my eyes to all the help out there and encouraged me to seek help after a few years and I can not thank you enough for all your help. I hope to meet you one day and thank you in person for all your help :­)


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great help to me I THANK YOU HUNDREDS OF TIMES!!!!!! Scrap that THOUSANDS OF TIMES!!!!!!!


Hi Denny thanks for the emails . A lot of what you are saying makes perfect sense. Later today I will read the e book for more info. Thank you .


Hey Denny…my name is xxxx and im xx…i just wanted to say that your book “escape from depression” is perfect….!!!! Thank you so much…..!!! Really thanks….


All I can say for these posts is a big THANK YOU!!!  Especially for telling about the ways we are manipulated, the ways in which fear is induced in our minds. I used to get frustrated by my school, surroundings and opinions of people too, but I thought it was my fault. Now I know my intuition was right- about them being destructive. I don’t know what would have happened had you been not there to write this, to teach me these things. Once again, thank you- keep writing to help teens like me. They really need such posts. =D


I thought this site was quite useful to me and it till is.


The site has helped me with my depression but I would like a little more help.


Hi, I’ve been sufferring from depression for 6 years now and I’ve read your e book on depression which was exactly how depression is. You are the first person to know depression that good. And I’m very very tired . One of my problems is that I’m livong in xxxx and I have no access to international cards to buy your package. I’m very alone and I hope I can find a way out of the prison cause’ I’ve no confidence left in me.


Thanks , happy holiday for you too. Actually I’m going through a very hard time but yeah your website had helped me a lot. Also , the book “escape from depression” had helped me a lot to get through my days and I’m telling my friends about it. Thanks for everything you have done. x


Yea. I find your website helpful. I haven’t really gotten help yet but your website is pretty good to read so thanks.


I just want to thank you a lot for sending these news letters and for the website and all of that. It’s so nice of you that you think of all of us depressed people and it helps a lot to know that there is someone somewhere that cares.


(she was depressed) I’m happy, and I hope my dark times wont comeback ever again.


Iam just another teen girl !! But i just wanted to say thanks alot !! Ur book helped me so much in my hard days..thanks


That’s really good! 🙂 your helping a lot of us.


Thank you fer being here for me and for helping me.


Just wanted to tell you about the results of CBT. Its actually working !!


well i read your book and i must say that it gave me whole lot of information about my problem…and it helped me a great deal to understand , how to overcome and what step i should take to end this problem..


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me.


My depression just decrease because of you. Seriously your respond are the best. The world need more person like you. You understand too much. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t judgemental nowadays. I’m not really alone now.


Thank you, though. You helped and supported me even when no one else does. It means a lot.


With your help I slowly became undepressed! So  I want to thank you!


It helped me so much


Thank you for all your support! You have changed my life and I appreciate your website! I think I am ready to start fresh again! You honestly will never understand how much your website has changed my life! May life bring you all the best! Best wishes and hope you have the greatest life! You have certainly helped improve mine!


Thanks so much for your support and advice


I really like your ebook and the website too it made me feel a little bit better.


Thank you you are amazing


Ill try to do that thank you so much it sounds great


Ur amazing xxx


You are the most help I’ve ever had


I agree! your posts are really good Denny… keep posting!


Hey Denny. Im doing perfectly fine now. I moved out and have a lot more freedom than before. And the CBT has helped a lot. Thanks for helping me through this.


Hey danny thanks for the help ive taken your advice and i think im doing a little better with my depression im now able to focus a little more on things other then what im thinkin about my self I think if i keep doing what i like and saying the CBT affirmation ill be able to get rid of my depression fully .


its been a great start danny. i have already started it and i think am improving a little. thank you for all the help Thanks denny u da best


Hi Denny. I just wanted to say thankyou for the help I’ve had from you in my counselling sessions. The understanding and empathy you have shown to me through my difficult times have made an enormous difference. You have a way of seeming to understand what i have been feeling and I felt very relaxed in your company and able to tell you my innermost thoughts without judgment. Thanks again for your help.


Thank you I really think I will get better


k thnx i appreciate it


My depression just decrease because of you. Seriously your respond are the best. The world need more person like you. You understand too much