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My name is Denny Dew, and I am the author of this site. I label myself as a world citizen because I love to appreciate anything good that humanity creates in the world. I am convinced that humanity has more positives than negatives.

In particular, I discovered that, despite all of our achievements, we have much to learn from so-called “primitive” cultures.

I suffered from depression, and know very well how intense this type of suffering can be.

We need faith in ourselves to live. We need faith in our ability to love life. We get depressed because we lose faith in ourselves and our abilities.

We begin to believe that we can’t do something that we could do before. For example, we begin to believe that we can’t trust ourselves with our ability to love life.

Unfortunately, all around us there are a lot of people who don’t love life at all. They are all the time complaining, worried and obsessed. This is to hate life, not to love it. If you get depressed, it can happen that people around you are more of a problem than a resource.

Another way to see depression is that you are awfully scared; very, very scared. You are scared in a way that other people can’t understand or comprehend because they don’t see the fear that is only in your head.

I studied more than 100 books of psychology. I wanted to understand. I needed to know. I became passionate about human nature and about finding the answer to the problem of human existence.

To know that a teen has committed suicide is very sad. I know, because I was there. When fear explodes in our mind and we lose faith in ourselves, our love of life has gone, and death seems like the only way out.

It is not. Death is not the only way out of depression. It isn’t, because love for life is still inside us, waiting to be rediscovered beneath all of our fear. The most shocking discovery I made while studying psychology is that it’s our education that fills our hearts with fear.

Erich Fromm is of the opinion that our education would be better called manipulation. We live in a profoundly sick society, which wants us to fit in. Educated to fit into such a society, makes us become as sick as society itself.

I found inspiration in the work of many psychologists, but there have been two who changed my life simply by telling me to trust my mind and my feelings; to have faith in myself.

I find Erich Fromm‘s work particularly inspiring. His writing style is simple, and he is of the opinion that psychology is for everybody, and not only for specialists. I also love Carl Rogers, the inventor of the person-centred psychology.

Dorothy Rowe is a specialist in depression. I recommend her books to anybody who wants to learn more about how fear is transformed into depression. I am also keen on Richard Bandler. He is one of the two fathers of the NLP psychology.

I like his idea that fear and depression aren’t illnesses, but rather skills. We are taught them, and maybe we end up practicing them too well. Since I mentioned education, I have to mention A. S. Neill as well. He taught the love of life to children. His school is still there, despite an attempt by our anti-human society to close it down.

I learned about psycho-cybernetics, NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, psycho-synthesis, person-centred therapy, and Jungian archetypes. I practiced hypnotherapy and meditation.

Thanks to all of this, the quality of my life improved enormously. I’m now respecting my humanity as never before. I got rid of all my conditioning to live a less-than-human life.

I also had a depressed child, who is now much happier.

In a sane society it would be natural to think of every child as being everyone’s child, and every parent as being every child’s parent.

This is why I’m helping depressed teenagers, and doing my small part to reduce the number of teenagers who attempt to commit suicide each year.

With Love,


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  • Charles

    Dear Denny

    Thank you for your website. I am sure the message resonates with many parents who are trying to come to terms with the challenge of watching a child contend with depression.

    Sincerely appreciated.

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